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At Greco Neyland, PC, our New York criminal defense attorneys offer unwavering defense of individuals facing ongoing criminal investigations or current charges in the state and federal courts of New York. Jeff Greco and Dustan Neyland are former assistant district attorneys who utilize their extensive experience prosecuting criminal cases that involved the full spectrum of criminal offenses to fiercely fight as criminal defense attorneys for the future of their clients. Our law firm represents individuals charged with criminal offenses that range from DWI and possession of marijuana to federal drug trafficking and murder charges.

Our tenacious nature and commitment to protecting individuals from the oppressive power of overzealous law enforcement agencies and prosecutors means that our first priority is identifying a basis for dismissal or acquittal. Some criminal defense lawyers consider a “vigorous defense” to be putting up minimal resistance to the government’s case before accepting the prosecutor’s plea deal. We believe this amounts to fleecing clients financially while selling them out! We don’t adhere to that mantra.

Our attorneys are dedicated to the belief that zealous criminal defense means doggedly challenging the government’s evidence and unveiling unlawful conduct by law enforcement officers. When our client’s freedom, reputation, and future are at stake, we do not roll over for the prosecutor . . . ever! When we recommend a plea agreement, it means that we have employed effective defenses and legal strategies to eviscerate the prosecutor’s case, so we can present a positive resolution on our client’s terms.

Our criminal defense attorneys have tried over 150 serious criminal cases involving a multitude of offenses, so we are qualified to represent individuals in criminal cases throughout Westchester, as well as the five boroughs of New York in both State Court and Federal Court in New York’s Southern and Eastern Districts. Some of the criminal cases we handle include:


Federal law enforcement agencies and federal prosecutors often pursue convictions of federal drug conspiracies because this strategy provides a powerful weapon. Many people can be ensnared in as part of a federal drug conspiracy, even individuals who only had minor involvement. Because the penalty for a federal drug conspiracy is the same as the target offense, a person charged with conspiracy can face decades in prison under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, as well as a mandatory minimum sentence.

Whether you have already been arrested and charged or you are a target, suspect, or witness of an investigation by the FBI or DEA, you cannot delay in obtaining legal advice. Federal law enforcement agencies have virtually limitless resources, so you need to understand your rights regarding wiretaps, searches, and interrogations before federal agents confront you.

We represent individuals charged with all types of federal drug charges, including possession, possession with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation, and trafficking. We also represent clients with regard to the entire spectrum of narcotics, including marijuana, heroin, crack, powder cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, LSD, ecstasy, and other illicit drugs.

When you are charged with a crime that carries a mandatory minimum sentence and up to decades or life in prison under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, you cannot take a chance with attorneys that do not regularly handle federal criminal cases. Because of your exposure to severe sentencing, it is important to have the advantage of dedicated trial attorneys with a thorough understanding of the unique evidentiary, procedural, and sentencing rules that apply in Federal Court.


When you are charged with either of these offenses, the consequences of a conviction for a first offense include up to one year in jail, minimum six month license revocation and a fine of $500-$1000. A conviction of DWI will leave you with a criminal record that can damage your chances when applying for jobs, promotions, changes in immigration status, loans, or rental housing. Both cases come with potential suspensions of your driver’s license.

When our DWI defense attorneys at Greco Neyland, PC represent you, we closely scrutinize every aspect of the law enforcement officer’s conduct, including the stop, field sobriety tests, and chemical testing. We also frequently challenge the accuracy of chemical testing of breath or blood based on improper procedures, lack of calibration or maintenance of equipment, lab contamination, inappropriate handling of blood samples, and other grounds. We represent clients charged with the full range of DWI type offenses, including, but not limited to the following: Zero Tolerance Law, Chemical Test Refusals, Repeat Offenders, Leandra’s Law, and other alcohol and drug-related driving offenses.


Few criminal charges are viewed with more disdain than sex crimes, particularly crimes against children. If you are involved in a federal case, you could face decades in the federal penitentiary and exposure to inflexible mandatory minimum sentences without the opportunity for parole. Whether you face state or federal charges, you could be forced to register as a sex offender, which can haunt you forever. Registered sex offender status can impair your future personal relationships, child custody arrangements, personal reputation, and housing options, among a multitude of other harmful effects. Some of the sex crimes that we handle include child pornography, solicitation, prostitution, rape, sexual assault, child molestation, and all other sex offenses under state and federal law.


Generally, the most serious penalties under New York law are reserved for violent offenses, such as murder, rape, manslaughter, armed robbery, arson, domestic violence, and other crimes involving physical injury or death to another person. Our New York criminal defense attorneys work closely with investigators and experts to analyze forensic evidence, identify and interview witnesses, challenge scientific evidence, uncover constitutional violations, and suppress illegally obtained evidence. Conviction of a violent felony can both result in a lengthy term in prison and impact your life in fundamental ways even after you have fully fulfilled the terms of your sentence.


Whether you are the subject of an investigation for fraud, embezzlement, or other white-collar crimes, your livelihood and reputation are at-risk. Even if the investigation never results in formal charges, the negative publicity can have a damaging and irreversible impact. Our white-collar criminal defense attorneys at Greco Neyland, PC recognize the importance of these considerations, so we work diligently to protect both your freedom and your reputation. When defending people charged with white-collar offenses, we conduct in-depth investigations, employ our working knowledge of forensic accounting, collaborate closely with experts, and aggressively cross-examine government informants.


At Greco Neyland, PC, our New York criminal defense attorneys are committed to the passionate and effective defense of our clients. We possess the skill, experience, and tenacity to take on the government when protecting the constitutional rights and liberty of our clients. We offer a free consultation, so you should feel free to call us today at (914) 358-9146, or schedule your free consultation.

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