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Privacy Policy – White Plains Criminal Lawyer Greco Neyland, PC

This privacy statement is designed to communicate our unwavering and ongoing commitment to meticulously safeguarding the privacy and personal information of individuals who visit or interact with our website. We respect and acknowledge the importance of protecting your personal information. Protection of the privacy of visitors to the Greco Neyland, PC website is a priority of utmost concern, so we hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard.

For the convenience of visitors to our website, we have provided this disclosure regarding our practices regarding the collection and dissemination of information gathered from visitors and users of our website. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform visitors to our website about how personal information is used, gathered, or protected, so individuals who access our website can make informed decisions about using and interacting with the Greco Neyland, PC website. Because the Internet is constantly changing, we will continue to evolve our privacy policy in light of new customer concerns, business practices, and emerging technology.

We will not collect contact information unless you submit a request for us to provide you with further information or to contact you. Any personal information that we gather through our website is solely for this purpose. If you wish for us to communicate with you to provide further information, you may be asked to provide some or all of the following contact details: name, physical address, email address, and/or telephone number.

Consistent with other websites, Greco Neyland, PC utilizes web server log files as well as a common tool referred to as “cookies” to gather information about the ways our website is used and accessed. Cookies are small text files that often have an anonymous unique identifier. When you visit our website, the website will request authorization from your computer to store this file on the segment of your hard drive that stores cookies. If you do not wish to have your computer store cookies from our site, you should configure your computer not to accept cookies. Cookies are not malicious and cannot access data on your computer or infect your computer with a virus.

If you choose to allow your computer to accept cookies from Greco Neyland, PC, the cookies will be used to distinguish you from other website visitors. In some instances, we might also use cookies to eliminate the need to login each time you visit the website.

The information collected via web server file logs and cookies may include some or all of the following: web pages viewed, cumulative time spent visiting the website, date/time at which the website was accessed, and websites accessed immediately prior to and after accessing our website. The information gathered via these methods also may be used to determine the number of people who access our website and the areas on our website where people spend the most time. We utilize this information to improve our website, so we can provide a better user experience.

While it is our policy not to share, lend, lease, or sell legal information that identifies a unique user except to the extent necessary to facilitate a transaction with the identified user, we reserve the right to disclose such information when we have a good faith belief that we are legally compelled to do so. We have the right to disclose such information when non-disclosure might expose our law firm to civil or criminal liability. Greco Neyland, PC also reserves the right to disclose such information to take legal action against individuals unlawfully using our website.

Greco Neyland, PC may modify, update, or revise this privacy policy periodically, without notice. Even if the Greco Neyland, PC website privacy policy is modified, our law firm will not use your personal information in a manner inconsistent with the privacy policy provided when you access our website. By accessing the Greco Neyland, PC website, you expressly consent to our collection and use of personal information as described in this privacy policy. Our law firm is committed to implementing appropriate electronic, physical, and managerial procedures to protect and safeguard any information we collect from website users.