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Office Locations – Manhattan Criminal Defense Attorney Greco Neyland, PC

At Greco  Neyland, PC, the entire focus of our firm is to provide our clients with aggressive criminal defense in the state and federal courts of New York. Our firm was founded by two former Assistant District Attorneys who understand the profound challenges that people face when they are up against “the system”. The government has virtually unlimited resources to devote to depriving defendants of their freedom, reputation and future. New York criminal defense attorneys, Jeff Greco and Dustan Neyland, offer more than a thorough understanding of the system. They were the system, so they have the ability to prepare cases with an insider’s knowledge of a prosecutor’s tactics and strategies.

Our law firm offers convenient office locations in both White Plains, NY and Manhattan, NY. When you retain our law firm, you will not be shuffled off to associates or office staff, as our experienced criminal defense lawyers personally handle your case. However, our attorneys collaborate so you benefit from the expertise, experience and knowledge of multiple partners without getting lost in a deluge of clients that you might see at a large law firm. In short, you get the advantages of a large criminal defense firm in terms of resources and experience with the personal attention provided by a smaller firm.

When you need to retain a New York criminal defense attorney, the decision to do so will be one of the most important decisions you ever need to make. Whether you are facing an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District or Eastern District of New York in Federal Court or the Assistant District Attorneys in New York State Court, the quality of the attorney you hire to defend you can mean the difference between acquittal/dismissal and incarceration in jail/prison. The caliber of criminal defense attorney you hire will not only impact your future, but also the future of your entire family.

Our criminal defense lawyers at Greco Neyland are dedicated trial attorneys with an orientation to winning in court rather than rolling over for the prosecutor. While we will evaluate plea offers that involve diversion programs and other conditions favorable to our client, we are appalled by criminal defense lawyers that go through the motions before accepting the first plea offer from the prosecutor. When you hire our criminal defense law firm, you are hiring us to fight for you, so we do not hesitate to take cases to trial to obtain the best result for our clients.

White Plains Office – Cost Effective Defense in State and Federal Court

When we founded our criminal defense firm, we knew that we would spend a great deal of time defending clients in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District. Because Federal Court involves different procedures and exposure to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, we know that those facing criminal charges never face more dire straits than when they are charged with a federal crime. Whether you are charged with drug trafficking, a drug conspiracy or another federal offense, you may face a mandatory minimum, and a sentencing system that does not recognize parole in the traditional sense. We recognized the value of locating our office just a few blocks from the Southern District Courthouse to save our clients the expense of paying an attorney to travel to the court from Manhattan. Our White Plains Office is located at:

Greco Neyland, PC
203 East Post Road
White Plains, NY 10601
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Manhattan Office – Criminal Defense You Can Count On

Our criminal defense team is not just prepared to defend you at trial; we begin challenging evidence at the earliest stages of a law enforcement investigation or criminal case in both Federal Court and New York State Court. We recognize what is at stake for our clients in terms of loss of their liberty along with the collateral consequences of a criminal record. While our Manhattan criminal defense attorneys consistently provide aggressive representation in the court, we recognize that our role is not confined to protecting our clients inside the four walls of a courtroom. We work to utilize strategies that will guide you through the criminal justice system and leave you in the best situation to protect your career and future.

Whether you are facing a criminal investigation, arrest or trial involving the United States Attorney, FBI or other Federal agency, or you are confronted with the same from the New York City Police Department, New York State Attorney General’s Office or a local District Attorney’s Office, we invite you to contact us to schedule a time to meet with us.

We welcome your call today, so we can start fighting for your tomorrow!

203 E Post Rd
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Phone: (914) 358-9146
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