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New York County (Manhattan) – Manhattan Criminal Lawyer Greco Neyland, PC

If you are arrested and charged with a felony, you will face potentially life-altering consequences. While a misdemeanor charge is less serious, a conviction still can result in jail time, fines, and a criminal record. The government has access to almost unlimited financial resources when conducting investigations and trying to prove your guilt. Whether you are the subject of an investigation by law enforcement agencies or you have been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you need a Manhattan criminal defense attorney like those at Greco Neyland, PC. Our law firm has successfully defended many individuals accused of crimes in the state and federal courts of New York.

Providing Zealous Defense against Criminal Charges

At Greco Neyland, PC, we recognize that our job is not to encourage our clients to accept the first plea offer from the prosecutor. Our objective is to aggressively challenge the government’s case so we can seek an acquittal or complete dismissal of the charges. Our law firm carefully investigates and analyzes physical evidence, the conduct of law enforcement officers/agents, forensic testing, and witness accounts so that we can provide a compelling defense. Some of the defense strategies that we might use when defending an individual charged with a criminal offense in Manhattan include:

  • Filing pre-trial motions;
  • Analyzing forensic evidence;
  • Reviewing evidence obtained during the discovery process;
  • Identifying legal grounds for suppressing evidence or excluding testimony;
  • Gathering evidence of mitigating circumstances; and
  • Exposing illegal or improper police procedure.

While our pugilistic nature means that we are always ready to go to war for our clients, we also exercise sound judgment in marshalling our resources so that we focus our challenges on the issues that matter when seeking a positive outcome for our clients. Our Manhattan criminal defense attorneys have the experience, skill, and commitment to defend your rights and freedom in criminal cases involving the full range of state and federal crimes.

Our founding partners, Jeff Greco and Dustan Neyland, use their experience as highly effective former prosecutors when dissecting the government’s case and developing compelling defense strategies. Our attorneys are prepared to aggressively attack the evidence and police tactics used in your case so that we can defend your constitutional rights and your freedom.

Protecting Constitutional Rights of Individuals Charged with Federal Drug Offenses

When drug cases involve substantial quantities of controlled substances or allegations of drug trafficking conspiracies, you may face federal charges brought by the Assistant United States Attorney. If you know you are a suspect or target in a federal investigation, time is of the essence in retaining legal representation. You cannot afford to wait until an indictment has been issued to seek legal representation from an experienced Manhattan federal criminal defense attorney. Federal prosecutors often are more easily influenced prior to their settling on specific federal drug charges. If you seek the legal advice of Greco ♦ Neyland, PC prior to a formal indictment, we may be able to protect you from having more serious potential drug charges filed against you.

We provide a zealous defense to a broad range of federal drug charges and ancillary issues, such as the following:

  • Charges of distribution of drugs based primarily on evidence from an undercover law enforcement agent or confidential informant;
  • Cultivation of marijuana;
  • Asset forfeiture actions brought by federal prosecutors;
  • Conspiracies involving drug trafficking across state lines or international borders;
  • Allegations of money laundering related to drug distribution;
  • Cases involving seizures of controlled substances along with firearms; and
  • Manufacture and/or delivery of methamphetamine.

We carefully analyze the legal basis underlying the issuance of a search warrant or the justification for the reliance on an exception to the warrant requirement. If federal agents fudge the facts supporting a warrant or distort the facts to claim the existence of exigent circumstances (emergency circumstances), we do not hesitate in filing a motion to suppress evidence obtained by trampling on your Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. We also analyze the facial sufficiency of a warrant and the execution of any search. When we are successful in convincing a federal judge that drugs, paraphernalia, cash, materials from drug labs, and other materials were obtained illegally, we might be able to seek dismissal of the charges.

When you face federal charges, you are exposed to the harsh and often inflexible sentencing structure of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. If you are charged with a federal crime, you can face decades in prison and exposure to mandatory minimum sentences. Additionally, there is no parole in the federal system in the traditional sense, so when convicted you may expect to serve the majority of your sentence. Based on these facts, you cannot delay in putting a zealous advocate to work for you.

Long Term Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

Although a conviction of a state or federal criminal offense in Manhattan can mean lengthy periods of incarceration and substantial fines, these formal penalties only represent part of the story. A felony conviction can have devastating consequences on many aspects of your life, such as:

  • Impairing your ability to obtain promotions or future employment because of your criminal record;
  • Disqualifying you from certain occupations and professions;
  • Harmful immigration effects that can include deportation (removal) and permanent barriers to returning to the U.S.;
  • Loss of constitutional rights that include gun ownership rights;
  • Potentially adverse impact in family law disputes (e.g., divorce, child custody, etc.);
  • Adverse impact on higher education opportunities; and
  • Denial of rental applications by future landlords.

Our goal in all criminal cases is to minimize our clients’ exposure to punishment while protecting their constitutional rights. We understand that the impact of a conviction for a state crime can turn your life upside down. A federal conviction is an even scarier proposition because you could face decades in a federal penitentiary. Conviction of state and federal criminal offenses can harm your financial, family, and professional prospects, so we serve as tenacious champions for your interests.

The criminal defense attorneys at Greco Neyland, PC provide exemplary legal representation in New York state courts. We also represent individuals who are suspects or targets of a federal investigation or who face charges for a federal crime in the Southern District Federal Courthouse or the Eastern District Federal Courthouse. We offer a free consultation so we can answer your questions and explain your legal rights. Call us today at (914) 358-9146, or click here to schedule your free consultation.