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Jeffery L. Greco – Westchester County Criminal Attorney Greco Neyland, PC

Jeffery, or “Jeff”, as he is commonly referred to, is a criminal defense lawyer by trade, and is a fighter all the way. Prior to that he was honing his trial skills as an Assistant District Attorney in the Nation’s 3rd largest county. He has successfully represented 1,000s of clients charged with serious criminal offenses in both State and Federal Court.

Jeff doesn’t believe that you have to be wealthy to be able to have quality representation by your side. Jeff believes that all individuals should have access to a tried and true courtroom warrior, if that is what they want for their case. Make no mistake about it – Jeff is a fighter that doesn’t know how to give up. He will mercilessly advocate your position until he has beaten the other side into submission.

No stranger to the courtroom, Jeff is most comfortable when he is in front of a jury. He says that there is a connection that juries have with him that allows him to present his client’s case to them and try the case the way Jeff wants to try it. Jeff has tried approximately 75 jury trials to a verdict from both sides of the bar, as a defense lawyer and also as a prosecutor. Having that knowledge of presenting a case from both sides of the bar gives Jeff a unique perspective when he approaches each and every case.

Jeff’s primary areas of practice are criminal defense and family/matrimonial law. Jeff enjoys helping clients who would otherwise become another victim of the judicial system. He feels he is the last hope for many clients and feels there is not a more rewarding job in the world than the ability to save someone’s life or solve their problem(s), and better their situation in life. It is a calling he has answered and is most honored to be able to help people in their time of need.