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Frequently Asked Questions – White Plains Crime Attorney Greco Neyland, PC


  1. Can I be released on bond if I am charged with an offense in Federal Court?

Answer: It depends. Defendants charged in Federal Court can potentially be released on bond, if the Federal Magistrate allows this following a detention hearing. Not all federal criminal defendants are allowed pre-trial release on bond.

  1. What is a detention hearing, and do my loved one or I need a lawyer present at this hearing?

Answer: A detention hearing is a formal hearing whereby the prosecutor for the Government will likely oppose your release on bond. You absolutely need an attorney during this stage of the proceedings. You need someone who can advocate on your behalf and convince a Federal Magistrate that you are not a flight risk, or a danger to society at large.

  1. What types of bonds may be available to me in a Federal Case?

Answer: There are three (3) basic types of bonds typically seen in Federal cases:

  • Personal Recognizance (PR) Bonds – this type of bond is desirable by every Federal criminal defendant. With a PR bond, a Defendant is given a bond amount ($50,000/$100,000/etc) and they sign paperwork in Court promising to appear for all court appearances. If they fail to do so, the Federal Court will come after them for the full amount of the bond.
  • Un-Secured Bonds w/ Co-Signers – this type of bond is similar to the PR bond, except that the Court requires a co-signer, or someone, who will be financially responsible if the Federal defendant fails to appear in Court.
  • Secured Bonds – this type of bond is where the Defendant must either put up cash (or use a Federal Bail Bonding Company) or property to secure their release from Federal custody. The person putting up the property must a signed concession of judgment in the county where the property is located.

4) How much will it cost to defend me in my Federal case?

Answer: It all depends. While no two cases are alike, each case brings with it a different set of facts. Only after a full interview with the prospective client or the client’s family can we begin to understand your case and thus, understand how much work will be necessary in order to properly represent you in your case. For that reason, we provide a free in-office consultation so that we can learn everything there is to learn about your case.

5) Will my case result in a plea or will we go to trial?

Answer: This all depends on what your exposure is in the case you are involved with. There is no way to ascertain this without being retained on your case and working the case, investigating every aspect there is, before we can come up with an answer to this. Often times there is a lot of evidence that needs to be thoroughly reviewed to see how much culpability, if any, you have in your case.